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Simplified handling for luminaire manufacturers

The new Z-Flex product series enables large-area lighting and is of particular interest to luminaire manufacturers and other users. The modules are produced from roll to roll and therefore do not need to be individually packaged. This greatly reduces logistics costs. There is no need to screw them together during installation, as adhesive strips on the back make them easier to attach. In addition, a large part of the cabling work is eliminated.

The Z-Flex 280×20 flexible LED modules are based on the widespread Zhaga standard of modules with a length of one foot and are therefore compatible with many linear luminaire types.

The flexible matrix modules Z-Flex 280×280, on the other hand, are suitable for large-area applications, such as installation in grid ceiling luminaires or as backlighting for fabric-covered luminous ceilings.

Low installation effort

Compared to rigid matrix modules, the flexible Z-Flex modules 280×280 have several advantages. As production at LUMITRONIX® takes place in a roll-to-roll process on the new Flex production line, this allows the self-adhesive modules to be installed over an operating length of up to 5.6 metres with a single feed. This makes time-consuming tasks such as screwing and wiring a thing of the past. Thanks to the low voltage of 24 V, the Z-Flex 280×280 LED strips are also safe to touch and there is no risk of flashovers if the Flex modules are disconnected.

Storage costs and transport are significantly minimised thanks to the roll form. This is also helpful in terms of saving time when installing the modules, as conventional Matrix LED modules are individually packaged in ESD film as standard, which leads to additional work during installation.
The flexible Z-Flex 280×280 matrix modules from Lumitronix are equipped with 49 LEDs per sheet and are available in the colour temperatures 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K and 6500 K. Customised assemblies and a wide range of LED types are available on request.


  • Production on a roll

  • Simple and convenient installation

  • No cooling

  • Dimensions 280mm x 280mm (SELV, 24 V, CV)

  • Operating length of up to 5.60 m (20 modules)

  • Light colours: 2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K, 6500 K



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