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Success stories from our customers

Our development engineers have extensive industry knowledge and have realised many projects in a wide range of application areas. For your customised LED lighting solution, we have access to one of the most comprehensive LED ranges and are able to manufacture customised LED modules in our own state-of-the-art production facility.

Two in one luminaire

Combination of work light and UV light for Swarovski

  • Swarovski stands out as a manufacturer of various products of high quality, including crystal figurines and jewellery.
    Some of these products require the manual application of crystals. A specially developed adhesive is used to securely bond the components. The process involves curing the adhesive using UV light. In the past, Swarovski used two separate lighting systems: one for the UV light required for the curing process and an additional working light to optimise visibility during production

    • Combination of work light and UV light in one luminaire

    • High-quality workmanship with a long service life

    • Easy positioning and distance adjustment to the target object

    • Adjustable irradiation duration and intensity directly on the lamp head

    • Operation via lamp head and foot switch

    • Customised software adaptation to the customer's production processes

    • Combination of Nichia UV LEDs and white LEDs on a 4-channel LED board
      Individual luminaire design made of aluminium

    • Flexible articulated arm and handles on the luminaire head for convenient positioning

    • Integration of push-buttons and foot switches

    • Measuring tape and holder for distance measurement on the luminaire

    • Development of a customised, freely programmable control and controller board

    • Luminaire dimensions: 198 mm x 325 mm x 155 mm

    • Mass: 5350 g

    • 33 Nichia LEDs distributed over 4 channels

    • 33 silicone optics for optimum light distribution

    • Input voltage: 36 - 48V

    • Max. Power 120W

    • Beam angle approx. 60°

    • CE / RoHS / Reach compliant

    • Luminous flux / radiation emission of the LEDs: >50,000h, can be readjusted using the software

  • Do you have any questions or need help with another project?

    I am happy to help you.

    Daniel Görike ​

    Phone: +49 7471 96014 – 72


Architectural Illumination

RGBW LED dots for light sculptures and media facades

  • Carl Stahl is already using LED dots in its X-LED product. The individually controllable LED dots are connected with a specially developed five-core ribbon cable. These are attached to nodes in nets, between ropes or on other supports. In this way, they form an illuminated screen of any size for two- and three-dimensional multimedia presentations. Integrated processors in each luminaire ensure the necessary flexibility for dynamic image transitions and colour uniformity.
    Images, animations and videos are transferred directly to the system via standardised interfaces. Specialised software enables real-time video rendering and the programming of interactive, creative lighting designs.

    • RGB(W) LED dot with higher luminous intensity

    • Longer service life and therefore future-proof

    • Two versions (Medium / Premium)

    • LED dot in two versions. The premium version is operated with 24 V via a switching regulator, the light intensity has been increased to > 55 cd (2.1 watts).

    • The Medium version is operated with 12 V without a switching regulator and achieves a light intensity of > 20 cd (1.2 watts).

    • A set is supplied consisting of an upper part (housing with moulded electronics), a lower part for contacting the ribbon cable and silicone sealing rings to seal the ribbon cable against the housing.

    • Dimension: 30 x 30 x 15 mm

    • PCB material FR4

    • LEDs: Medium: 2 x RGB(W) / Premium: 4 x RGB(W)

    • Service life > 50,000 h

    • Dimmable (DMX)

    • Protection class ≥ IP65 in combination with ribbon cable

  • Do you have any questions or need help with another project?

    I am happy to help you:

    Christoph Klotz

    Phone: 07471 96014 – 69


Spring in the kitchen

Full spectrum LED module and control unit for greenhouse cabinet

  • The Plantcube from Munich-based company Agrilution provides the perfect climate for herbs, salads and microgreens all year round. The seedbars, which have already been ideally prepared with seeds, are automatically supplied with water and optimum light.  Individual parameters are stored in the cloud for each type of plant - a kind of guide for optimum growth and maximum nutrition and flavour.
    LED modules with the complete colour spectrum and a coordinated control system always provide the right light mix of peak wavelengths and the right intensity.

  • Full spectrum LED module for optimum light all year round for perfect growth and maximum nutrients and flavours.
    App-based control unit that ensures the right mix of peak wavelengths for the seeded plant.

    • Violet lighted LED module equipped with 12 LEDs:

    • Red light for good germination and growth

    • Blue light to support photosynthesis

    • Control module for control via Agrilution app translates the specific information from the cloud for each plant species into electrical signals and passes these on to the LED modules, which then provide the ideal lighting.

    • Constant current LED module 106x28mm on aluminium base with cover and heat sink for optimum thermal management

    • Equipped with 4 peak wavelengths:
      hyper red (660nm), far red (730nm),
      deep blue (450nm), white (5700K)

    • 150° beam angle for optimum illumination

    • Control board for transmitting the required parameters for the plant from the cloud

  • Do you have any questions or need help with another project?

    I am happy to help you:

    Esther Strecker​

    Phone: +49 7471 96014 – 38


High requirements for moving images

LED components for surface light

  • Our client is a company from the film and media industry that develops and produces professional equipment for film sets and television studios. As a medium-sized company, it is a market leader in all areas - a so-called "hidden champion" in Germany. For a lighting system for the film and television industry, a white LED was sought that had to fulfil very specific requirements so that the customer could set itself apart from its competitors. The white LED is used in the lighting system together with a blue, green and red LED. The lighting system offers users a wide range of options and settings. The colour temperature can be set between 2,800K and 10,000K. The colour rendering is exceptionally good. The colour tone, saturation and the green or magenta point can be precisely adjusted by combining the LEDs.

    • Very narrowly selected colour location (comparable to 3-Step MacAdam) above the Planckian curve

    • Stable binning in the forward voltage and brightness range

    • Maximum forward voltage of 3.0V

    • Long-term availability and reliability

    • Evaluation of mid-power LEDs from various manufacturers

    • Realisation of the requirements together with the manufacturer and the customer

    • Establishment of a project with special production to ensure the exceptional binning requirements for the customer

    • Project support with comprehensive advice from Lumitronix right from the start

    • Long-term assurance of availability and binning requirements by Lumitronix

    • Manufacturer: Nichia

    • LED Series: 757

    • Power range: Midpower

    • Colour temperature: 3,000K

  • Do you have any questions or need help with another project?

    I am happy to help you:

    Peter Sonnenschein ​

    Phone: 07471 96014 – 19


Light, like the sun

LED module and control unit for daylight light

  • In collaboration with Seoul Semiconductor, Toshiba Materials and Derungs Licht, LUMITRONIX® won the Innovation Award at the LED professional Symposium & Expo 2018 in the "Best Field Application" category. The award went to a sunlight luminaire that can realistically imitate the natural course of sunlight during the day. The "LinearZ 280 HCL" LED module and the compact PowerController V2 control unit from LUMITRONIX® and the SunLike LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials realistically reproduce the entire spectrum of sunlight. The human circadian rhythm is supported and the colour clarity of objects is improved. The luminaire from Derungs Licht is often used in hospitals to provide bedridden patients with lifelike light.

    • The luminaire should be able to imitate the light of the sun and adjust the brightness

    • Reproduction of a spectrum similar to sunlight

    • Hospital bed light, which offers bedridden people in particular the opportunity to compensate for the long deprivation of daylight.

    • LinearZ 280 HCL elongated LED module based on an FR4 circuit board with thermal vias

    • Good heat dissipation despite no need for a more expensive aluminium PCB thanks to the use of thermal vias

    • 56 warm white (28 x 2700 K and 28 x 3500 K) and 56 neutral white (5000 K) SunLike LEDs in the correct and close arrangement for the desired colour mix, homogeneous illumination and adjustment of the colour temperature

    • Compact PowerController V2 control unit

    • real-time clock

    • Zera Wall luminaire housing from Derungs Licht

    • Dimensions: 279.5 x 20 mm

    • Board material: 2-layer FR4 with thermal vias

    • CRI: >95

    • 112xSeoul SunLike (28x2700 K, 28x3500 K, 56x5000 K)

    • Operation: 24 V constant voltage

    • Luminous flux: 2029 lm

    • Efficiency: 83 lm/W at 2700 K, 95 lm/W at 5000 K

    • PowerController V2 control unit

    • Realtime clock

  • Do you have any questions or need help with another project?

    I am happy to help you:

    Paul Sparenborg ​

    Phone: 07471 96014 – 77


Enlightenment while cooking

LED strips for cooker bonnets

  • Our customer develops and produces extractor bonnets and ventilation systems in Germany. Thanks to the high level of innovation, the extractor bonnets are quieter, much more efficient and significantly more energy-saving. Another unique selling point is the outstanding design of the extractor bonnets - with lighting playing an important role.

    • Efficient and long-lasting LEDs

    • Use in hob and ambient lighting

    • High flexibility in the use of LED strips

    • At least energy efficiency class A

    • No visible colour deviations

    • Development of several LED strips of different lengths

    • Homogeneous light field thanks to tight binning and constant spacing of the LEDs

    • Simple combination thanks to plug connectors

    • Use of long-life Nichia LEDs and in-house production of the LED strips

    • 5-year guarantee, Made in Germany

    • Ten different LED modules

    • Technical details exemplary for one module:

    • Dimensions: 500 x 18 mm

    • Board material: FR4

    • LED: 49 x Nichia 157 series

    • Input voltage: 24 V

    • Type of LED Power: 6.5 W

    • Type. Brightness: 630 lm

    • Production of 100,000 modules per year

  • Do you have any questions or need help with another project?

    I am happy to help you:

    Christoph Klotz ​


    Phone: 07471 96014 – 69


High power for the way to the top

LED modules for wind turbines

  • The customer is a leading manufacturer of wind turbines in Germany and was looking for an innovative and technically high-quality path lighting system for its turbines. The lighting system was to be installed on all levels of the tower and make maintenance and inspection work in the plant as easy as possible - while minimising power consumption.

    • Design of the module for a very wide input voltage range of 12 - 36 V DC / AC

    • Guaranteed service life of 50,000 hours or 20 years of operation

    • Complete traceability at component level

    • Highest EMC immunity of the electrical system

    • Resistance of the mechanics to external influences ("vibration and shock" or aggressive atmospheres, e.g. salt spray)

    • Low manufacturing costs

    • Development of a module according to customer requirements (specifications)

    • EMC-compliant design despite adverse environmental conditions. Particularly challenging demands on the protection of the module against electromagnetic interference

    • 1.5 mm thick and thermally optimised FR4 circuit board with 20 selected high-power LEDs: brightness of 1015 lumens, colour temperature of 6500 K, CRI of at least 80 and cost-optimised production

    • Dimensions: 70 x 50 mm

    • Board material: FR4 (two-layer)

    • LED: 20 x Nichia 757 series

    • Input voltage: 24 V constant voltage

    • Type: Type. Output: 12 W

    • Luminous flux: 1015 lm

    • Efficiency: 88 lm / W (incl. cover)

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    Paul Sparenborg ​

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A bright train

LED modules for rail vehicles

  • The customer specialises in contract and special luminaires and produces in Germany. The company has been designing and manufacturing luminaires for indoor and outdoor railway vehicles for over 50 years. The task was to design an LED module to be used as ceiling lighting in a tram.

    • The customer specialises in contract and special luminaires and produces in Germany. The company has been designing and manufacturing luminaires for indoor and outdoor railway vehicles for over 50 years. The task was to design an LED module to be used as ceiling lighting in a tram.

    • Robustness against shocks and vibrations when travelling

    • Easy installation and maintenance of the UV-C system

    • A suitable LED module was developed in close cooperation with the customer

    • Aluminium circuit board for optimum heat dissipation

    • Polycarbonate optics fully meet the high material requirements

    • Simple further processing thanks to pre-assembled connection cable and packaging

    • Desired brightness of 250 lm is even exceeded by three long-life Nichia LEDs

    • Diameter: 44 mm

    • Board material: Aluminium

    • Beam angle: 54°

    • LED: 3 x Nichia 219 series

    • Optics material: Polycarbonate

    • Luminous flux/colour: 250 lm / 3000 K

    • Input voltage: 12-33 V DC

    • Max. Output: 3.6 W

    • Production of 17,000 modules per year

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    Daniel Görike ​

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Disinfection in the hearse

UV-C LED modules Violet for HARTUNG

  • The company HARTUNG BESTATTUNGSWAGEN in Suhl specialises in converting cars for transporting coffins. Many bacteria and viruses lurk in hearses, which are combated using various materials and techniques. In order to further improve hygiene in the transport area, HARTUNG has been looking for effective and affordable ways to help its customers in their day-to-day funeral work and minimise the risk of infection with pathogens. HARTUNG is thus responding to a new demand situation that has arisen during the pandemic, as special instructions for handling SARS-CoV-2-infected deceased persons are recommended.

    • Improved hygiene in the coffin room through sterilisation of the room surfaces and on the coffin

    • Effective UV-C system with energy-saving LED technology

    • Suitable control system with safety precautions to avoid danger to people

    • Use of the UVC system as a mobile solution by feeding it via the car battery while driving

    • Robustness against shocks and vibrations when driving

    • Easy installation and maintenance of the UV-C system

    • The project was realised with four Standard Violet UV-C LED modules.

    • The UV-C lights were positioned in such a way that all surfaces in the coffin room were reached in the best possible way.

    • Prior to installation, an optical simulation was used to ensure that the radiation flux of the UV-C lights would realise optimum results and to check how much optical power would reach the surfaces. This was used to determine the duration for effective sterilisation during driving times

    • The "Power Controller" control unit was adapted in-house for mobile use and provides safety precautions to avoid contact with people.

    • Instead of the on/off button provided in the standard module, the power supply unit is now switched simultaneously with the ignition of the hearse. This activates the UV-C lights during the journey. The second "Door" button has also been inverted for this purpose: Normally, the interior lighting in vehicles is switched on as soon as doors are opened - here, however, the reverse effect has been implemented, namely that the closed door gives the signal that the UV-C LEDs can switch on safely.

    • 4 x ready-to-use UV-C LED lights Violet UVC LED module, 275nm

    • 275nm peak wavelength with 12 Seoul Viosys UVC LEDs

    • Constant current operation with 450 mA

    • Cover incl. UVC optics from LEDiL

    • Robust aluminium housing

    • Power Controller control platform - was customised for the project

  • Do you have any questions or need help with another project?

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    Esther Stecker ​

    Tel. 07471 96014 – 38


Large areas, great flexibility

LED modules for industrial lighting

  • Our customer specialises in industrial lighting in Germany. The company develops linear luminaires with a system. The luminaires enable long-term, efficient and flexible lighting - both for large areas and over long distances. The specialist's end customers include various DIY stores and wholesalers.

    • Development of modules that are both efficient and powerful

    • Easy handling thanks to a mechanical and electrical plug-in system

    • Homogeneous light distribution in various lighting classes

    • Flexibility in colour selection, from warm white to neutral white

    • 700 mA constant current, three modules with a total luminous efficacy of 3000 lm

    • Six modules have been developed in close consultation with the customer, which can be used flexibly and individually:

    • Outputs from 8 to 20 W

    • 36 to 45 Nichia LEDs from the 757 series

    • Depending on power class, FR4 and aluminium circuit boards

    • Achieved brightness from 3300 lm to 8400 lm

    • LED module neutral white, 45 x NF2L757DRT-V1

    • Dimensions: 400 x 16.5 mm

    • Board material: Aluminium

    • LED: 45 x Nichia 757 series

    • Luminous flux: 3300 lm at 700 mA

    • Output: 19.8 W

    • Efficiency: 145 lm / W

    • CRI: min. 80

    • Production of 35,000 modules per year

  • Do you have any questions or need help with another project?


    I am happy to help you:

    Kevin Nagy ​

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Customised LED lighting solutions according to your requirements.

Whether street lighting or designer luminaires - LUMITRONIX® is the strong partner for your product development.

We specialise in LED technology and customised lighting solutions. With in-house development and state-of-the-art production at our Hechingen site, we produce LED modules according to your requirements and suitable for your application - quality made in Germany.


Developed, produced and optimised for our customers

In this brochure, we present some of our customer projects with customised solutions that we have accompanied from development to the finished product.

High Performance Indoor Environment

LED-Modules for the Fraunhofer testing laboratory

  • As part of an investigation into the effect of full-spectrum LEDs on people indoors, the HiPie laboratory (High-Performance Indoor Environment) at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) was equipped with LED modules from LUMITRONIX®. These were fitted with LEDs with different color rendering indices and color temperatures. The LED modules were pre-assembled on supports for easier installation. They were also controlled via DMX and DALI.

    In the HiPie laboratory at Fraunhofer IBP, building physics room parameters such as acoustics, light and climate can be influenced in a targeted and variable manner so that their effect on people can be investigated. A daylight wall enables the simulation of solar radiation through windows, taking into account the changing light conditions during the course of the day. In combination with freely configurable artificial lighting scenarios, all relevant lighting situations can be represented.

    • LEDs in three different color temperatures (2700 K, 4000 K, 6500 K)

    • Various spectra (2x full spectrum, 1x standard CRI 80, 1x RGBW)

    • Average illuminance of 2000 lux at the workstation (depending on LED type)

    • DMX and DALI control

    • Mounting of the LED modules on brackets for faster installation

    • Equipping BackMatrix LED modules with 6 different sunlight spectra each in 2700K, 4000K and 6500K from two different LED manufacturers (SunLike from Seoul Semiconductor & Optisolis from Nichia)

    • Assembly of BackMatrix LED modules with red, green & blue LEDs as well as 3 different standard CRI-80 spectra in 2700 K, 4000 K and 6500 K (Nichia)

    • The Fraunhofer Institute can thus freely control 2700 K, 4000 K and 6500 K in three different specific spectra in the laboratory and can also add red, blue or green light to further fine-tune the lighting effect.

    • This is controlled via DALI with Meanwell HLG-240H-24B power supply units, to whose dimming input the DALI interface is connected.

    • We pre-assembled and wired the BackMatrix modules on the panels so that they could be inserted directly into the luminous ceiling at the Fraunhofer Institute.

  • Backmatrix LED modules

    • Constant voltage: 24V

    • Number of LEDs per module 49

    • Circuit board: FR-4, 1-layer

    • Solderless connection possible via insulation displacement terminals

    • No cooling required

    • Simple installation

    • Dimensions: 280x280x7mm

  • Do you have any questions or need help with another project?

    I am happy to help you:

    Paul Sparenborg ​

    Phone: 07471 96014 – 77


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