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We develop and manufacture rigid LED modules according to customer requirements



In-house production of LED modules - high-tech made in Germany.

Our development engineers design assemblies and control technology according to your requirements for a variety of applications, such as lights, inspection machines, status displays or light modules for household appliances. In our in-house production line in Hechingen, we use high-performance placement machines from Siemens to place large and small components quickly and precisely. With the VXC2450 air soldering system from Rehm's Vision X series, we offer a powerful and compact soldering process that delivers reliable and reproducible results. Our KohYoung 3D AOI system detects errors in series production and ensures that faulty PCBs are reliably sorted out.

Our flexible production process can be individually adapted to the needs of our customers and is largely automated. The production batches can be traced with bin precision, which is particularly important for industrial applications that require constant brightness, color or voltage over a longer period of time. By handling development, material procurement, warehousing and production internally, we guarantee a cost-efficient, traceable and low-error process chain.

Quality assurance is our top priority. Every assembly we produce is subject to thorough quality control. We work according to our quality and safety guidelines and do not use toxic substances. In our production area, we wear ESD protective clothing and work on ESD surfaces to ensure the integrity and safety of the products.

Your benefits with Lumitronix

Innovative machine park

  • Market-leading technology from renowned manufacturers such as ASM, DEK, Rehm and others

  • Precise and efficient production of rigid LED modules

  • Use of state-of-the-art machinery and equipment

  • Comprehensive quality assurance and automatic quality control

Production, development and consulting from a single source

  • Holistic approach: production, development and consulting from a single source

  • Development of new solutions and advice on application requirements

  • Seamless implementation of customer requirements and effective collaboration


We are not about greenwashing. We consistently focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. We completely dispense with fossil fuels and energy sources and instead use 100% renewable electricity. We use waste heat from machines for room temperature control. We are particularly proud of the fact that 48% of our electricity comes from our own solar power plant.

20 years of know-how

  • LED specialist from the very beginning

  • Over 20 years of experience in the industry

  • Extensive know-how in the production and development of rigid LED modules

  • Application of proven processes and best practices for high-quality products and innovative solutions

Highest efficiency

  • We attach great importance to efficient processes in both development and production

  • Use of optimized processes and state-of-the-art technologies 

  • Efficient production of high-quality LED modules

  • Cost-effective solutions as added value for our customers


ISO certified quality

We deliver certified quality. LUMITRONIX® is a partner you can rely on. Our quality management is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and covers all areas - from product development to customer service. As a responsible company, LUMITRONIX® also has certified occupational health and safety in accordance with ISO 45001.

Saving energy and conserving resources

It is often the little things that add up to big things. In addition to our certified environmental management, the responsible use of our resources is very important to us. That is why we try to act sustainably every day through various measures, save energy and avoid waste.

  • Customized development of assemblies and control technology

  • Production of various applications (lights, automatic inspection machines, status displays, light modules for household appliances)

  • Use of industry-leading high-performance machines

  • Flexible and largely automated production process

  • Precisely traceable production batches

  • Comprehensive quality assurance and quality control

  • Production, development and consulting from a single source

  • Over 20 years of experience and expertise

Characteristics of our SMT production:


Enquire about your project!

Do not hesitate to contact our LED module expert.

Paul Sparenborg – Sales Manager –

Tel. +49 7471 96014 – 77


Large selection from stock

Our standard portfolio includes a wide range of LED modules, from spot to area lighting, for almost any requirement!


Customizable and fully automated

Our innovative machines, holistic approach, extensive know-how and efficiency-oriented development and production set us apart from other companies. We are proud to offer our customers high-quality rigid LED modules that impress with their performance, reliability and innovative solutions.


Our ISO-certified production line is specially tailored to the needs of assemblies with LED technology. Almost one million components can be processed in the production line per day. The entire process can be flexibly adapted to the needs and batch sizes of our customers and is fully automated.

Laser marking station

On request, the laser marking station equips each circuit board with a consecutive identification or barcode. This enables permanent and tamper-proof traceability and can be integrated into your quality assurance chain. Individual texts or data such as BIN, date of manufacture or article numbers can also be applied.

Solder paste printer

Over half of all defective solder joints are due to paste printing. Our fully automatic solder paste printer from market leader DEK is the basis for our high process reliability. With Hawk-Eye paste inspection, we verify to within a few µm whether the solder paste is present and has been applied accurately.


  • Reliable printing process for optimum soldering results

  • Cycle time of just a few seconds

  • Latest technology from market leader DEK

Pick and place machine

At the heart of our production are the two ASM SIPLACE Di2 and TX2 placement machines, which offer the most modern placement technology available on the market. They process up to 72,000 components per hour. An upstream scanning system records both the serial number of the assembly and the data of the parts to be assembled. This allows you to permanently track when which component was placed on which board. This is a basic requirement for a traceability system, as required in the automotive sector, for example. In addition, innovative feeder technology ensures greater accuracy and faster set-up changes.


  • Full traceability of all production data

  • Visioning system detects twisting, breakage, incorrect position, etc.

  • Low placement costs due to high throughput and reliability

Reflow convection soldering system

The VXC2450 air soldering system from Rehm's Vision X series offers high process performance in the smallest of spaces. The soldering process is carried out by convection, i.e. by transporting heat via the air flow. Several independently adjustable process zones enable variable reflow profiling. The system is equipped with the user-friendly ViCON software, which is characterized by touch operation with numerous options for control, monitoring and analysis. Rehm, based in the Swabian town of Blaubeuren, is the European market leader in the field of soldering systems and counts numerous renowned and internationally successful companies among its customers.


  • Reliable and reproducible soldering results

  • Stable process, even with lead-free soldering

  • Efficient and innovative energy management

  • Reduced downtimes

  • Stress-free cooling

Automatic optical 3D inspection

The 3D AOI system can be used to detect and sort out errors in series production. Missing or incorrectly fitted components, twisted and misaligned components as well as missing or contaminated components are reliably detected. The 4-way projection technology enables the best possible measurement coverage with high resolution.

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