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We are your reliable partner for UV LED technology

UV light has many applications in areas such as medicine, industry, science, disinfection and more.
LED technology has advanced and improved many of these applications by providing more efficient, compact and long-lasting light sources without the harmful and environmentally damaging mercury. Before LED technology, UV light was mainly generated by conventional light sources such as mercury vapour lamps and low-pressure mercury lamps.

UV-B - advantages for humans, animals and plant breeding

UV-B light can stimulate the skin to produce vitamin D naturally. Vitamin D is important for bone health, the immune system and other physiological processes in the body. It can also stimulate the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can have a positive effect on mood. It is also used to treat skin diseases and to tan the skin.

Plants also react to UV-B light. In plant cultivation, it can be used to enrich vitamin D. UV-B rays ensure the formation of secondary plant substances. These fulfil a variety of functions, including protection against stress, defence against pests and diseases, attraction of pollinators, development of colour and much more. They also contribute to the development of flavour in fruits and vegetables. UV-B also influences the medicinal properties of plants - for example THC.

Excessive or unprotected UV-B exposure has negative effects on the skin and eyes and can lead to premature skin ageing, skin cancer and other health problems. The correct dosage and adequate protection are therefore crucial.


Violet UVC disinfection light with special optics:

This module version also includes a circuit board with 12 UVC LEDs and three control diodes as well as a cover with the Violet rod lens from LEDiL. An external control unit can be easily connected. The constant current module (450 mA / 1050 mA) is primarily aimed at the processing industry, such as luminaire manufacturers or medical technology companies.

We also offer this module light in two versions. The mid-power version is equipped with UVC LEDs from Seoul Viosys and offers a radiation output of up to 192 mW. The high-power version with the new NCSU334B UVC LEDs from world market leader Nichia offers very high efficiency of up to 882 mW.

Complete solution with special optics and control unit:

Our Violet disinfection light is a complete solution and is operated with constant voltage (48 V). In addition to a circuit board fitted with 12 UVC LEDs and three signal LEDs (red, green, blue), the linear modular light also consists of a cover containing the special UV-resistant Violet optics from LEDiL and a robust aluminium housing that is very easy to install with screws. The case also houses the PowerController V2, a compact control unit that offers the user options to enable safe operation of the module.


LEDs offer many advantages over UV lamps and great design flexibility thanks to their compact design:

  • Less electrical power required - perfect for battery-powered applications

  • Robust against physical stress (e.g. vibration) - perfect for mobile use

  • Environmentally friendly - no mercury; no ozone (>240nm)

  • Unlimited switching cycles

  • No warm-up phase, full optical power right from the start

  • Pulsed operation possible for higher optical power; 100% dimmable

  • Targeted use of different wavelengths (mixed assembly on one circuit board)

  • Option of using lenses to focus the UV-C light in a targeted manner

  • Safety system based on our Power Controller V2

  • Less damage to exposed surfaces from UV-C light compared to other UV-C technologies with higher output

Advantages of LED technology for UV-C systems

Hazard-free use thanks to intelligent control

Our professional UVC solutions can be safely controlled using the PowerController V2. Individual customer wishes and requirements can be easily realised using software. This means that nothing stands in the way of hazard-free use of our extremely efficient UVC solutions.


An example of the practical application of our modules and a customised control solution can be found in our references under customer projects.

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UV-C – safe and reliable disinfection

Disinfection and sterilisation are of the utmost importance. In addition to traditional sterilisation methods using chemical liquids or sprays and the use of high temperatures, UV-C radiation plays a particularly important role. In the wavelength range between 280 and 100 nm, pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms are killed within a very short time. With the rapid development of LED technology, it has been possible to develop ever more powerful LEDs that can be used effectively for sterilisation and allow a high degree of design flexibility.

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