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Luminous paper thanks to printed electronics

Printed electronics is currently one of the most promising key technologies on the market. Liquid compounds are applied to a wide variety of surfaces using a printing process. These conduct electricity and entire circuits can be printed on materials such as plastic, ceramics, textiles or even paper. The potential of the technology is enormous – it promises to revolutionize existing processes across the industry.

The technology is also a real benefit for the LED market. Our pioneering product, which was developed in collaboration with the Marburger wallpaper factory, uses an innovative process to make paper glow - for example in the form of a wallpaper equipped with LEDs over its entire surface.


  • Paper as a base material with a good price structure

  • Easier to process compared to rigid boards

  • Dimensions up to 24850 x 350 mm

  • Very light and very flat

  • Ideal for large-area applications

  • Color rendering: CRI: >80

  • Individual configurations possible on request

Enormous potential in many areas

Paper-Flex is currently the only LED module that uses paper as a base material. The possible areas of application for paper in lamps are almost limitless: from classic lamp production for the furniture industry to the packaging and advertising industries, countless industries are possible buyers.

The background: Our product newcomer offers a high degree of customization with yourself. During production, you can choose from a wide variety of decorative surfaces, depending on your wishes. Whether with or without punching or diffusion layer – basically any combination is possible.

The combination of modules for lighting on both sides is also conceivable. The option of additional sensors that can be used to measure and control data, such as temperature or humidity, expands the potential even further. Great added value can be created here, especially in the packaging industry.

The standard version of Paper-Flex has a length of 24.85 meters and a width of 35 centimeters. This consists of a total of 497 LED strands, each five centimeters wide. An LED strand has seven LEDs, which together produce a luminous flux of 55 lumens. In total, the complete roll of Paper-Flex has 27,335 lumens. Since the Paper-Flex modules are divided into individual strands, individual assembly in different lengths can be achieved depending on customer requirements. Roll lengths of up to 50 meters are currently possible.


Enquire about your project!

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