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Vitasolis™ - Improved concentration and impressive efficiency

Vitasolis™ is an advanced lighting technology developed by Nichia. It comes from the renowned 757 LED family and offers an extended colour spectrum, including an increased cyan component, which has a significant impact on human well-being.
The increased cyan content in the Vitasolis spectrum contributes to increased vitality and reduced fatigue. Scientific studies have shown that exposure to light with a higher cyan content can increase alertness, improve cognitive function and promote a sense of well-being. By integrating this element into the spectrum, Vitasolis aims to create an environment that increases productivity and reduces feelings of fatigue.


Vitasolis technology is particularly well suited to Human Centric Lighting applications where the focus is on creating lighting environments that have a positive impact on human health, wellbeing and performance. It is an ideal choice for office lighting as it can increase concentration, productivity and employee satisfaction. In addition, Vitasolis is widely used in medical and care facilities where the well-being and comfort of patients and staff is of paramount importance.

1. Vitasolis™ raises the spectrum of the blue-green range at 480 nm, which leads to a 10% higher melanopic illuminance and the formation of serotonin.

2. The broader spectrum makes the eyes more responsive and reduces eye strain.

3. Vitasolis™ ensures a clear and natural white colour by reducing the yellow value.

"When measuring physical and mental well-being and stress levels, there was a tendency for people working in a room with Vitasolis spectrum to experience less fatigue and stress and to perceive an increase in work efficiency in psychological and physiological terms."

Prof. Masayoshi Kamijo, Shinshu University Matsumoto, Japan

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