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Optisolis™ - LED light like sunlight

Nichia's Optisolis technology is a ground-breaking development in the lighting industry and offers numerous advantages for Human Centric Lighting. Thanks to its sunlight-like spectrum, Optisolis already increases general well-being as it is no longer perceived as artificial light. Especially in Tunable White applications, where the colour temperature can be adapted to daylight, or in combination with Dynasolis technology, the light can be optimally adapted to people's individual needs and well-being.
With Optisolis, the natural appearance of colours is reproduced realistically, resulting in outstanding quality of light. The Colour Rendering Index (CRI) can reach up to 99 Ra, which means exceptional colour fidelity and colour saturation (Rf 96 and Rg 99).

In addition to the impressive quality of light, Optisolis is also a good choice in terms of efficiency. With a luminous efficacy of up to 134 lm/W, Optisolis is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. With Optisolis, you can experience a new dimension of lighting technology in the field of Human Centric Lighting. The light reveals the true potential of colours and creates an impressive visual experience. Optisolis also contributes to human well-being and health. The sunlight-like spectrum promotes the natural perception of light, resulting in a pleasant and harmonious sensation.
Another remarkable advantage of Optisolis is the almost complete absence of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. By using special chips at 420 nm and 445 nm, harmful UV light is minimised, which is particularly important for applications in museums, galleries, optical inspections, on film sets and for high-quality interior lighting.

Lumitronix LED Modules with Optisolis

LinearZ 280-26-D50 LED Module Daylight Zhaga-Standard

LinearZ 280-26-D55 LED Module Daylight Zhaga-Standard

LinearZ 280-26-D65 LED Module Daylight Zhaga-Standard

LinearZ 560-52-D50 LED Module DaylightZhaga-Standard

LinearZ 560-52-D65 LED Module Daylight Zhaga-Standard

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