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H6 series - patented phosphor technology for maximum efficiency with outstanding light quality

The H6 series with TriGain phosphor technology comes from the proven Nichia 757 family and offers an extended colour spectrum with a three-band peak in the red range. The innovative phosphor technology enables extremely high efficiency with a colour rendering index of at least 90, which was previously only possible with a CRI of at least 80.
The H6 series is ideal for applications that require both the highest quality of light and maximum energy efficiency. Whether in retail, hotels, office lighting or medical facilities for general lighting - the H6 series provides optimum ligh

Thanks to TriGain phosphor technology, the H6 series delivers impressive colour rendering that accurately represents the natural colours of objects. As a result, products are optimally presented, rooms are pleasantly illuminated and medical facilities are supported with light sources that promote the well-being of patients. Overall, the H6 series with its TriGain phosphor technology offers an outstanding combination of maximum light quality and efficiency. It is the ideal choice for retail shops, hotels, offices and medical facilities that want first-class lighting without compromising on energy efficiency

LUMITRONIX LED modules with TriGain technology from the H6 series

LinearZ 280-26 LED Module 4000K CRI>90 TriGain

LinearZ 280-40 LED Module 2700K-5000K Tunable White, CRI>90 TriGain

LinearZ 280-112 LED Module 2000-6500K Circadian Tunable White, CRI>90 TriGain, 24V


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