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Dynasolis: Light aligned to the human biorythm
From activating azure blue to calming warm white

In recent years, the influence of natural light on human wellbeing has received a great deal of attention. Modern lifestyles, which often limit access to natural light, have been linked to various physical disorders, including insomnia. Recognising the importance of natural light, the construction industry is focusing on concepts that bring more natural light indoors. In lighting, the focus is shifting to creating comfortable lighting environments that meet human needs, which has led to the emergence of concepts such as human-centred lighting and circadian lighting. Nichia is addressing these challenges with its innovative Dynasolis™ solution, which aims to improve the quality and functionality of interior lighting.

Conventional interior lighting lacks a specific wavelength: 480 nm - the light component that is present in abundance in the morning sun. This special wavelength stimulates the release of the happiness hormone serotonin, which activates the body and mind. The release of serotonin in the morning in turn influences the production of the sleep hormone melatonin during the day and thus promotes a healthy sleep-wake rhythm. Nichia recognises the importance of this type of light and uses Azure colour LEDs and Dynasolis™ technology, a colour and spectral matching solution that allows these LEDs to be used efficiently to achieve the desired light quality and function.

The combination of a warm white LED and an LED with the unique Dynasolis® phosphor technology is ideal for adapting to people's natural biorhythms throughout the day, keeping them energised and active at the right hours by adding cyan and relaxing them in the evening by reducing the blue light component, thereby promoting better sleep. This symbiosis is therefore the perfect combination for Human Centric Lighting applications in interior lighting, workplace lighting and lighting in medical and therapeutic facilities.

LUMITRONIX LED Modules with Dynasolis™ Technology

LinearZ 280-112 LED Strip 2000-4000K Azure Circadian Tunable White

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