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Soft and horizontally directed light

In recent years, the influence of natural light on human wellbeing has received a great deal of attention. Modern lifestyles, which often At Light+Building 2024, Nichia will be presenting the Cube Direct Mountable Chip, an LED with special properties, among other products: It offers homogeneous, horizontal light distribution and a soft, glare-free light quality.  It enables luminaire manufacturers to significantly reduce the thickness and weight of luminaires.
The light direction of conventional LEDs is controlled by secondary optics.

The Cube DMC combines optics and LED and thus manages to distribute the light more horizontally than conventional LEDs. The result is a soft and glare-free light pattern that guarantees homogeneous light distribution and enables luminaires with a lower weight and smaller installation depth.

Compared to conventional LEDs, the new CUBE DMC impresses with a more horizontal light distribution in the room.

If you look into a luminaire with conventional LEDs, you may be severely dazzled. With the new Nichia CUBE DMC, glare effects are largely avoided.

The market launch of the NFSWL11A-D6, which measures just 1.1mm x 1.1mm x 1.24mm, brings further design benefits for luminaire manufacturers: The height of the luminaires can be reduced by up to a third and the weight is also significantly lower compared to previous solutions. The use of bays and stomachets is suddenly possible

These unique features open up new possibilities for the design of luminaires. Saving resources and designing thinner luminaires can offer new added value.


Customised LED modules with the
Nichia Cube DMC LED

As an official distributor of LEDs from the global market leader Nichia, we can not only supply the Nichia range and the new Cube DMC LED, but also manufacture LED modules to your exact requirements in our own production facility in Hechingen.

We have developed our BackMatrix for homogeneous wide-area backlighting, which opens up new possibilities with the new Cube DMC LED.


Do you have any questions?

Our expert for Nichia will be happy to help you.

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