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Clear White - For an improved perception of colours

The unique Nichia Clear White technology offers an innovative solution to the problem of diminishing colour perception with age. As we age, the lens of the eye "yellows", which can lead to impaired colour perception.
Nichia's clear white technology is characterised by a high colour rendering index (CRI) and outstanding efficiency. By using H6 phosphor technology and a colour location of 7800K, it enables clearer colour perception, especially for people with increasing age.
This technology is used in various areas, particularly in interior lighting. Whether reading or floor lamps, Nichia's Clear White technology improves colour rendering and creates a pleasant lighting environment.

This technology also plays an important role in medical and care facilities. Here, precise and clear colour perception is of great importance, whether for medical examinations, assessing skin changes or helping older people to recognise objects or clues.
Nichia Clear White technology therefore offers an excellent solution to help older people perceive colours more clearly again and provide a better visual experience. It contributes to better lighting and more accurate colour rendering in various applications, especially indoors and in medical facilities.

LUMITRONIX LED Modules with Optisolis™

LinearZ 280-26-D50 LED Module Daylight Zhaga Standard

LinearZ 280-26-D55 LED Module Daylight Zhaga Standard

LinearZ 280-26-D65 LED Module Daylight Zhaga Standard

LinearZ 560-52-D50 LED Module Daylight Zhaga Standard

LinearZ 560-52-D65 LED Module Daylight Zhaga Standard

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