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2in1 Tunable White - Two colour temperatures under one surface

The innovation from Nichia is called NF2W757G-MT and is the first LED in the world that manages to combine a colour temperature range of 2700 - 6500 K under a phosphor layer. The key advantages of this innovation include

    - Design flexibility for luminaire manufacturers
    - Colour temperature change under an LES (Light Emitting Surface)
    - Homogeneous light image
    - More optics can be used
    - Smaller distance between LED and diffuser possible

The innovative LEDs allow finer colour matching and mixing, as all colour temperatures are located under one emitting surface. The new 2-in-1 technology will also enable a higher colour rendering index (CRI 90) to be achieved in the Tunable White range in future. In addition, the 2-in-1 form creates more options for optics and more scope and creativity when designing new luminaire designs.

LUMITRONIX LED Modules with the 2in1 Tunable White LEDs

LED-Modul MiniDaisy, 14 LED, 2in1 Tunable White, 279,65x20mm
LumiFlex560 Pro LED Strip, TW, 560 LEDs, 5m, 24V, R2R

LinearZ 280-26 LED Strip, 2in1 Tunable White, CRI90

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