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Human Centric Lighting – light for greater well-being

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) combines energy-efficient LED luminaires with consideration of the biological effects of light on people. It improves well-being, performance and the sleep-wake rhythm. HCL utilises the versatility of LEDs to adapt the light to our natural rhythms and thus achieve positive effects on our mood and health. This approach offers an exciting development in lighting technology.

By applying Human Centric Lighting in different areas such as workplaces, living spaces and public areas, we can increase productivity, improve concentration and promote well-being. There are also promising areas of application in the medical treatment of sleep disorders, depression and other health problems. With advances in LED technology, HCL is also becoming increasingly efficient and cost-effective and has the potential to positively change our everyday lives and create a better balance between people and light.

Nichia - Leading expertise in the development of artificial light

Casambi lighting control for Human Centric Lighting

LUMITRONIX® is increasingly working on projects for smart, dynamic light - currently especially for use in office and factory workplaces, but also in private households. Light should be easy to control and at the same time be adaptable to different situations.

For the user, dynamic light can be controlled very conveniently, simply and comprehensively using intelligent Casambi systems. The end user has access with a tablet, PC, smartphone or Casambi XPRESS switch and integrates all luminaires via the Casambi app.

As a Casambi system partner, we have developed control units with a built-in Casambi Ready module that transmits the signals from the app directly to the connected light sources within the Casambi network by radio. The colour temperature and luminous flux of the artificial lighting are adjusted throughout the day according to the user's individual preferences.
The following two connection diagrams show our Casambi control units in an exemplary setup for dynamic lighting.
The products used are linked to the online shop. Our customers receive special prices for their projects on request. The LED modules selected as examples can of course be replaced by other LED modules, including those from other companies.

Nichia is committed to developing LED technologies that no longer focus solely on efficiency, but on people. The company has recognised that lighting not only serves to save energy, but can also have a significant impact on people's well-being and health. Nichia has therefore set itself the goal of creating ideal lighting that fulfils people's individual needs and comfort. This is achieved by developing innovative solutions that aim to maximise lighting quality and functionality.

Nichia has made ground-breaking progress in the field of human-centred lighting in particular. By adjusting the colour temperature and brightness of the light, Nichia LEDs can imitate the natural course of daylight. This technology makes it possible to support and maintain the human circadian rhythm. From morning to evening, the light can be adjusted to mimic the natural quality of light and meet the needs of the human body and mind.
Nichia offers a variety of LED technologies that can be used in the field of Human Centric Lighting. These include colour temperature tuning, spectral tuning and intelligent lighting systems. These technologies make it possible to adapt the light quality and function to individual needs and create an optimal lighting environment for people.

Nichia endeavours to positively influence people's health and well-being with its LED technologies and solutions. With its commitment to light quality, energy efficiency and human-centred lighting, Nichia remains a pioneer in the industry and drives the development of innovative solutions.

Revolution in interior lighting through human-centred design

Patented phosphor technology for maximum efficiency with outstanding light quality

Artificial LED light that is not perceived as such.

Two colour temperatures combined under one light-emitting surface for a slimline design.

Increases concentration with impressive efficiency

Natural and clear visibility for better legibility even in old age

Nichia works closely with LUMITRONIX® to provide customised module solutions specifically designed for various applications in the field of Human Centric Lighting. By combining Nichia's advanced LED technologies with LUMITRONIX®'s innovative designs, solutions are created that are optimally tailored to the requirements of lighting projects. These modular solutions offer a versatile range of options to create a customised lighting environment that meets people's needs.


Do you have any questions about Nichia's HCL technologies?

Our expert for Nichia will be happy to help you.

Peter Sonnenschein – Team Sales –

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Casambi lighting control for applications with Tunable White

The two channels of the compact Casambi MiniController can be used to control Tunable White Flex strips and set individual light scenarios in the colour temperature range of 2000 - 6500 K.

Casambi lighting control for applications with Circadian Tunable White

The Casambi PowerController in combination with the LinearZ Circadian Tunable White LED module enables a true-to-life colour gradient very close to Planck's curve. Thanks to three different colour temperatures (2000 K, 4000 K and 6500 K), a 3-channel light control system can imitate the natural light curve of the sun in a deceptively realistic way.  This enables lighting scenarios that support the human body clock in a natural way.

Sensor solutions

Our Casambi MiniController and Casambi PowerController LED modules and control units are compatible with numerous products from the "Casambi Ecosystem". By using sensor solutions from the Casambi Ecosystem (presence detectors/motion detectors/light sensors), the lighting system can also operate depending on daylight, presence and/or movement.
We are happy to support you in the realisation of dynamic lighting systems for Human Centric Lighting. A compatibility list for a complete system with Casambi is available on request.


Do you have any questions about Casambi lighting control?

Contact our expert.

Kevin Nagy - Key Account Manager -
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