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Constantly bright and divisible after each LED

The FlexOne LED strips from LUMITRONIX® offer great flexibility thanks to their ability to be divided according to each LED, as they adapt optimally to the intended environment and are flush. In addition, the additional linear control ensures that the current is kept constant over the entire length of the module. This is what distinguishes the FlexOne LED strips from other products, because with flexible LED strips without linear current control, the LED current decreases as the module length increases because the wired voltage loss is not compensated for. In this case, additional electricity would have to be fed in to counteract the drop in performance.

With the FlexOne strips, when the power is supplied on one side, the last LED lights up just as brightly as the first. The FlexOne LED strips equipped with high-power LEDs achieve a phenomenal output of up to 19,000 lumens over a length of 5m. In addition to the extremely high brightness, the FlexOne strips also impress with their flexibility and versatility in processing. Equipped with double-sided 3M adhesive tape that sticks to a wide range of surfaces, installation is very comfortable and easy. Developed and manufactured in Germany, the FlexOne LED strips meet the highest quality standards.


  • Linear control for constant brightness over the entire length

  • Luminous flux up to 3800 lumens per metre

  • Individually available in three widths

  • Any length possible (from 10mm pitch)

  • 12V operating voltage

  • Simple installation

  • Double-sided, thermally conductive 3M adhesive tape

  • Up to 90 lm/W

  • Uniform white light thanks to ANSI binning

  • 3-year guarantee

Up to 19.000 Lumen / 5m

The FlexOne100 Performer (8 mm wide), FlexOne250 Performer (15 mm wide) and FlexOne500 Performer (19.5 mm wide) LED strips are operated with 12 V. They are available in the colours warm white (2700 K), neutral white (4000 K) and cool white (6500 K). They are available in the colours warm white (2700 K), neutral white (4000 K) and cool white (6500 K). They come with a 3-year guarantee and are equipped with highly efficient Samsung LEDs from the LM283 series, making them extremely bright.
The FlexOne500 Performer even impresses with a phenomenal light output of up to 19,000 lumens at 5 metres.


Further information

You can find all the information you need about flexible LED strips in our brochure.


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