UVC LED Module, USB-C, 275nm, 1 LED, 30x30mm, 5V, 3,5mW

The flexible UVC solution for effective disinfection
  • UVC light, wavelength: 275 nm
  • Radiant power typical: 3.5 mW
  • Easy operation directly on a USB power supply (USB-A to USB-C cable necessary)
  • Safety through status LED
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UVC LED Module, USB-C, 275nm, 1 LED, 30x30mm, 5V, 3,5mW

Pragmatic and simply good: Flexible UVC solution for the practical implementation of disinfection tasks

Our compact disinfection module measures only 30 x 30 mm and is equipped with a UVC LED. The 5 V power supply is provided via a USB-C connection and thus enables both stationary and mobile UVC solutions. For example, the square module can be operated on a notebook, with a power bank or via another power supply. This results in a multitude of applications:

  • Experimental prototypes for research purposes
  • Exploratory sample constructions to provide an insight into the field of application
  • Sophisticated DIY projects: Individual items and small series for the targeted disinfection of "hot spots"

Up to 5 modules can be connected to each other, if the power supply is provided via the USB-C port. If the power is supplied via the terminals, a greater number of modules can be combined, depending on the capacity of the power supply unit. They can either be arranged in a line or in other forms. The blue status LED, which lights up as soon as the UV LED is active, ensures safe operation.

With the UVC solution, everyday objects can be transformed into sterilising devices!

An effective disinfection unit can be created from an ordinary wooden or plastic storage box. The modules are distributed inside the closed interior - attached with adhesive pads. An even distribution of UV rays is supported by reflective material (such as aluminium foil). The object can be placed in the centre of the box on a grid shelf.

Not all items can be packed into a box, so a mobile hand lamp, for example, can help. With a linear arrangement of the UVC modules on a carrier, fed by a power bank, hygienic cleanliness can be achieved on various surfaces; such as door handles, clothing or laptops. This allows cleaning without chemicals even on sensitive surfaces.

A mini air purifier can be realised in combination with a fan and HEPA filter. The air flow is directed through the HEPA filter in a completely sealed "tunnel" and then irradiated with UVC rays. Here too, a reflective material can support the disinfecting effect.


  • The article is a UVC module which can be used for the disinfection of surfaces. It emits at a wavelength of 280 nm which is not visible to the human eye.
  • It is imperative to ensure that users wear suitable protective clothing against UV radiation at all times. All skin and eye contact must be avoided.
  • We recommend the use of the following protective agents:
    • Safety goggles
    • Gloves
    • Face Shield
    • Protective clothing that shields UV light from the skin
  • Always wear protective clothing during use and make sure that no other persons are within reach of the radiation source without appropriate safety precautions.
  • Light can reflect, so special precautions need to be taken with reflective surfaces (e.g. mirrors).
  • Exposure of skin tissue to the light source can cause skin irritation comparable to sunburn. If necessary, treat the affected areas with a suitable cream or consult a doctor.
  • Low-wave UV light can cause permanent damage to the retina in serious cases. AT ALL TIMES make sure to wear protective goggles at all times during use.

Features of the USB UVC module

  • UVC light, wavelength: 275 nm
  • Radiant power typical: 3.5 mW
  • Easy operation directly on a USB power supply (USB-A to USB-C cable necessary)
  • Easy mounting with adhesive tape
  • Simple connection of several modules (up to 5 pieces when supplied via the USB-C connection)
  • Safety through status LED
  • RoHS compliant

Technical details

SKU 37337
Added 01/12/2020
Light colour Ultraviolet
Life cycle (h)
Life cycle (h)
The main characteristic for semiconductor-illuminants (LEDs) is their long life expectancy — as long as they are operated under very special condition. Unlike ordinary bulbs LEDs do nut suddenly fail, but gradually lose brightness during the course of their lifetime. Depending on the quality of the light-emitting diode this degradation may happen faster or slower.
9,000 h
Manufacturer code 37337
Wave length (nm)
Wave length (nm)
The dominant wavelength
indicates the perceived colour of a source which is not monochromatic but in the CIE colour space. Most actual LEDs are near the pure colour curve but not on it. When connecting and extrapolating the points W (white) and P (sample), the intersection with the colour curve yields the dominant wavelength. The dominant wavelength can further be explained via the spectrum. After assessing the spectrum of the source using the V(λ) curve, the spectral centroid is determined. The dominant wavelength provides the most accurate information about the perceived colour of a source.
275 nm
Power consumption 0 W
Voltage (V)
Voltage (V)
The voltage (V)
mentioned can be impressed on the product. If your initial voltage is higher (e.g. Car-voltage or adaptor), then you will need a resistor.
5 V
GTIN 4062986001910
Size (L x W x H) 3 cm x 3 cm x 0 cm



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