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Ecodesign Directive - New Labelling for Lamps and Luminaires

Quickly identify environmentally friendly and energy-saving products according
to Ecodesign requirements

According to the new Energy Labelling Regulation (EU) 2019/2015 (ELR for short), lamps, LED modules and luminaires with a light source that cannot be removed without destroying it will bear a new energy efficiency label from September 2021 onwards. Due to the increasingly efficient light sources, the scale will be set back to A - G. One of the main objectives of the new regulation is to provide the customer/end-user with the necessary information to choose energy-efficient products. Therefore, the regulation primarily requires specific product information to be provided via a consumer-friendly energy label. Manufacturers must also provide information on the class of the product and other relevant technical information.

Current energy label

New energy label


Transition Period of 18 Months

Both versions will be available in stores until March 2023. Only then all light sources must bear the new label. Relabelling can take place during the transition period of 18 months.
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