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Functionality meets decorative role

Wall luminaires occupy a special place among all luminaires. They are not only a means of illuminating a room or part of a room, but also a decorative element. Since wall lights are mounted at visible height, they immediately catch the eye of every visitor. So when choosing the right wall luminaire, attention should be paid not only to the lighting qualities but also to the design. More information about wall luminaires...

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    • -50%
    ESTO wall light CURVE cylinder
    Out of stock
    Special Price €17.31 RRP: €34.50
    • -37%
    ESTO wall light CURVE cone
    In stock
    Special Price €19.88 RRP: €31.50
    Philips Hue Explore LED Wall Light white
    Attractive LED wall light with dimmer switch
    In stock
    • Brightness470 lm
    • Efficiency78 lm/W
    • Power6 W
    ESTO outdoor light ESTERNA silver, round
    In stock
    Special Price €27.88 RRP: €31.90
    ESTO Spot Jaron Single-flame chrome
    Impressive spotlight for walls and ceilings
    In stock
    • -47%
    WOFI wall light EDDY
    In stock
    Special Price €33.38 Previous: €62.95
    Mantra wall light ZACK 1L
    In stock
    Special Price €110.00 RRP: €130.90
    • -35%
    SLV RIOTTE WALL wall light chrome/glas
    In stock
    Special Price €52.29 RRP: €79.90
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Discover a variety of wall lights at

A wall light is a perfect addition for every room, as it delivers a great way to make a room look more inviting and complete. Thus it should be an important part of every lighting concepts. Wall lighting gives the impression a room is brighter and larger while also creating a pleasant atmosphere. Wall lights are the ideal companion to ceiling lights and add that certain something to the décor. Wall lights are those that literally make a house look like a home.

Which room/location is suitable for a wall lamp?

Because wall luminaires are very versatile, they are suitable for almost every room. Whether corridor, staircase, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, living room or even cellar - wall lights are extremely flexible to use. Furthermore, provided that the enclosure is properly protected, they can even be used outdoors as facade luminaires. And even public areas such as hotels, office buildings or restaurants benefit from the flexibility of wall luminaires, which is why they can also be found in hotel rooms, foyers, offices and cafes.

What types of wall lights are available at

In our wall light category you will find a wide variety of shapes. These include downlights and uplights, classic wall luminaires with uniform lighting, reading lights or spots for focusing certain areas. We also stock wall luminaires for both indoor and outdoor use.

Most of our wall lights are equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology. As a result, they are both highly efficient and proven to protect the environment and your wallet.

Pleasant indirect lighting with uplights and downlights

Wall luminaires that emit light upwards or downwards are often used where indirect, pleasant light is required. There are also models that emit in both directions and thus provide vertical ambient light on the wall. This type of uplight and downlight is especially recommended for living spaces.

Homogeneous light thanks to classic wall luminaires

Our wide range of LED wall lights in classic shapes offers you the best possible uniform illumination of walls. These wall luminaires usually have a plastic or glass cover that ensures that the light is emitted homogeneously. They are therefore able to adequately illuminate a room without the need for an additional ceiling light.

Individuality thanks to flexible arm wall lights

If you need direct light for those times when you want to read a book or otherwise focus on a certain object, then our LED wall lights with movable lamp heads are indispensable. Whether as reading lamp or swing arm lamp - with these flexible lamps you always have the light where you need it.

Lights off - Spot on

When it is about focusing on specific areas or objects, spots are an effective means of providing lighting highlights. Our offer ranges from single-lamp wall spots for exterior facades to spotlights with e.g. 6 lamp heads for living rooms. Our variety will surely inspire you.

Choose your own light - wall lights with standard lampholders

If you prefer to decide for yourself which lamp to use in your wall light, our models with built-in standard sockets are your first choice. We stock luminaires with the common types E27, E14 or GU10, but more exotic lampholder versions are also available and can be easily found using the filter function. Of course, we also offer you the required LED light sources to match.

Environmentally friendly and highly efficient - wall lights with integrated LEDs

You want a powerful, complete solution that is energy-efficient and sustainable? Then choose one of our numerous LED wall lights, which are already equipped with the most modern LED technology. The advantage of these luminaires is that the LED light source and the luminaire body are perfectly matched to each other and thus the best lighting result can be achieved.

Wall lights in an extensive selection at

No matter what type of wall light you are looking for - we offer you an extensive portfolio of wall lights of all kinds. And if you need other types of luminaires for your lighting concept, you are sure to find them in our other luminaire categories.

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