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LumiFlex Economy TW LED Strip, 700 LEDs, 5m, 24V

Tunable White (2700K-6500K)
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Technical details

SKU 56039
Brand Lumitronix
Light colour No
Manufacturer code 56039
Power consumption 24 W
Height (cm) 1 cm
Length (cm) 500 cm
Width (cm) 0 cm
CRI (Ra) 70 Ra
Current (mA)
Current (mA)
The typical currency (mA)
is the currency, which creates the highest performance on your product, without damaging it. If the current will be decreased, also the performance of your product decreases. At high current the performance can as well increase, however the life duration decreases or the product will be destroyed. Therefore we do not recommend this.
1,000 mA
Light Efficiency Typ. (lm/W) 88 lm/W
Light efficiency (lm/W) 88 lm/W
Luminous Flux (lm)
Luminous Flux (lm)
The luminous flux (lumen)
describes the total quantity of light provided (independent of the angle of beam).
2,100 lm
Viewing angle (°)
Viewing angle (°)
The angle of beam
describes in what angle the light is directed forward.
Voltage (V)
Voltage (V)
The voltage (V)
mentioned can be impressed on the product. If your initial voltage is higher (e.g. Car-voltage or adaptor), then you will need a resistor.
24 V

LumiFlex Economy TW LED Strip, 700 LEDs, 5m, 24V

Everything you need and nothing you don’t need: The LumiFlex Economy Tunable White is designed for use at trade fairs, events or other applications where the price is important.

The LumiFlex Economy Tunable White LED strip runs on 24V and has 700 high-quality LEDs per 5 metres. The flexibility and the small installation height make the strip for excellent for exhibition stand construction, automotive and PC applications, or for events with sophisticated lighting applications. Installation is just as easy as it is flexible: The self-adhesive backing on the strip adheres well to virtually all surfaces. Despite the high luminous flux of up to 2100lm, based on the outstanding heat management and an efficiency of 87lm/W it requires no additional cooling.

The module is equipped with LEDs in two different colour temperatures, warm white and daylight (2700K and 6500K). These can be controlled and mixed using a 2-channel power supply and a separate controller. So you can create moods and ambiance in various light settings and adjust it to your needs. Switching to a cool, lively light for example increases energy to focus on tasks. Warm light is easy on the eyes and promotes relaxation. This allows you to customise the light with the correct colour blend. With "Tunable White”, the light adjusts to people, not vice versa.


  • 700 LEDs over 5m
  • Can be split every 10 cm
  • Output: 24W
  • Rated current: 1000mA
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • no cooling required
  • Very low cost
  • Dimmable
  • Sold by the roll (5m)
  • Only 8mm wide
  • Two colour temperatures 2700K and 6500K


  • Data sheet LumiFlex Economy TW LED Leiste, 700 LEDs, 5m, 24V


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