LED strips & modules

Discover the variety of our LED strips, modules and flex strips, almost all of which are manufactured in our own state-of-the-art production line in Germany and fitted with long-life, high-performance LEDs from market-leading manufacturers such as Nichia, Osram or Cree. We give you a guarantee of up to 5 years. You can find a decision aid which LED strips or modules are best suited for you in our Short Guide.

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    • A++
    LinearZ 52 LED Strip Zhaga Horticulture warm white 3000K 1600lm 350mA 37.5V 52 LEDs 56cm
    2857 lm/m for optimum plant growth. Zhaga-compliant module with special Nichia LEDs for horticultural applications
    In stock
    • Brightness1,600 lm
    • Efficiency121 lm/W
    • Power13 W
    • A++
    LinearZ 26 LED Strip Zhaga Horticulture neutral white 5000K 890lm 175mA 37.5V 26 LEDs 28cm
    3179 lm/m for optimum plant growth. Zhaga-compliant module with special Nichia LEDs for horticultural applications
    In stock
    • Brightness890 lm
    • Efficiency135 lm/W
    • Power7 W
    • A
    FlexOne250 Performer LED Strip warm white 2700K 5m 12V 250 LEDs 11825lm
    2365 lm/m. Divisible at 2cm for great flexibility!
    In stock
    • Brightness11,825 lm
    • Efficiency78 lm/W
    • Power150 W
    • -17%
      Limited offer
    • A
    SideFlex700 Performer LED Strip neutral white 4000K 5m 24V 700 LEDs 3650lm
    730 lm/m. For unique (side) lighting effects
    In stock
    Special Price €229.00 Previous: €274.90
    Special Price €274.90 Previous: €274.90
    • Brightness3,650 lm
    • Efficiency76 lm/W
    • Power48 W
    PowerBar V2 LED Module Aluminium amber 617nm 1728lm 700mA 12x Osram Oslon LEDs 24cm
    Easy Plug & Play System, 5-year-warranty
    In stock
    • Brightness1,728 lm
    • Efficiency82 lm/W
    • Power21 W
    • Brightness220 lm
    • Efficiency90 lm/W
    • Power2 W
    • Brightness2,268 lm
    • Efficiency75 lm/W
    • Power31 W
    • A+
    LumiFlex700 Pro LED Strip SunLike cold white 6500K 5m 24V 700 LEDs 8990lm
    1798 lm/m. CRI95+, light like daylight with SunLike LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor & Toshiba Materials
    In stock
    • Brightness8,990 lm
    • Efficiency94 lm/W
    • Power96 W
    • A
    Osram Lightify Flex extension kit
    Controllable via smart devices (Android and iOS)
    In stock
    PowerBar V2 LED Module Aluminium yellow 590lm 1365lm 700mA 12x Osram Oslon LEDs 24cm
    Easy Plug & Play System, 5-year-warranty
    In stock
    • Brightness1,365 lm
    • Efficiency64 lm/W
    • Power21 W
    PowerBar 2, 12xCree XP-E2, Royal Blue
    Easy Plug & Play System, 5-year-warranty
    Out of stock
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Rigid LED strips, flex strips and panel modules

Our high-quality LED strips & modules offer you a wide range of design options in the private and business sector.

Advantages of rigid LED strips

Rigid LED strips are made of aluminium or FR4 and are easier to mechanically install than flex strips. Usually rigid versions have holes that are specially designed for fixing with screws or holders. This allows a permanent installation on many types of surfaces or environments, such as wood, plaster or stone that are unfriendly to adhesives.

  • Suitable for all even surfaces
  • Permanent fixation e.g. with screws
  • Very Robust
  • Mostly made of FR4 or aluminium
Flexible LED strips (Flex strips)

To allow permanent installation, flex strips require a surface that is well suited for the back adhesive tape, such as one made from glass or metal. Aluminium profiles are ideal.

  • Flexible and therefore suitable for curves
  • Simple assembly: Back adhesive strip
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Up to 5m on one piece (seamless)
  • Very narrow flex strips available (from 5mm)
  • Affordable
LED modules for surface lighting

We call our products that are intended for wide-area illumination or backlighting (backlight), an "LED matrix". They have a uniform LED arrangement in length and width and can be extended in all directions with more modules, so that large, uniform LED fields are created. They are therefore well suited for illuminated ceilings, architecture, surface luminaires, lighting solutions and advertising signs.

  • Very bright and efficient modules available
  • Excellent for lighting and advertising
  • Extendable in all directions
  • Very wide surfaces can be easily lit
  • Permanent fixation with screws/bracket
LED Strips & Modules from LUMITRONIX

However demanding you are: With our LED systems you make a good decision. LUMITRONIX products are manufactured predominantly with efficient and long-lasting quality LEDs from Nichia, in our own production facility in Germany. Many of our strips and modules come with a 5-year warranty.

Due to their high efficiency, our LED modules generate very little heat, unlike conventional light sources, and are therefore much safer to install in the vicinity of textiles or other flammable materials. We are sure that our variety of LED Strip & Modules will inspire you. Of course you can also find everything else you need for your lighting installations in our range of LED Strip & Modules. So it is best to order profiles, connecting cables and end caps at the same time.

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