Cree XT-E SMD-LED, royal blue, 500mW

XP footprint: 3.45x3.45mm

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Technical details

SKU 68331
Brand Cree
Light colour Royal blue
Manufacturer code XTEARY-00-0000-000000L01
Wave length (nm)
Wave length (nm)
The dominant wavelength
indicates the perceived colour of a source which is not monochromatic but in the CIE colour space. Most actual LEDs are near the pure colour curve but not on it. When connecting and extrapolating the points W (white) and P (sample), the intersection with the colour curve yields the dominant wavelength. The dominant wavelength can further be explained via the spectrum. After assessing the spectrum of the source using the V(λ) curve, the spectral centroid is determined. The dominant wavelength provides the most accurate information about the perceived colour of a source.
450 nm
Viewing angle (°)
Viewing angle (°)
The angle of beam
describes in what angle the light is directed forward.
Power consumption 2 W
Voltage (V)
Voltage (V)
The voltage (V)
mentioned can be impressed on the product. If your initial voltage is higher (e.g. Car-voltage or adaptor), then you will need a resistor.
3 V
Current (mA)
Current (mA)
The typical currency (mA)
is the currency, which creates the highest performance on your product, without damaging it. If the current will be decreased, also the performance of your product decreases. At high current the performance can as well increase, however the life duration decreases or the product will be destroyed. Therefore we do not recommend this.
700 mA
Length (cm) 0 cm
Width (cm) 0 cm

Cree XT-E SMD-LED, royal blue, 500mW

The Cree XT-E series provides the popular XP footprint as well as an outstanding price-performance-ratio. With this LED series, Cree uses the innovative silicon carbide technology that creates up to 114lm/W in white and up to 80lm/W in warm white with 350 mA. Thanks to the identical footprint of the XP series, existing designs can be easily replaced by the new Cree XT-E series.


  • XP footprint: 3.45x3.45mm
  • outstanding price-performance-ratio
  • new generation of Cree silicon carbide-based LEDs

Application areas

  • general lighting and illumination


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