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Aventrix 4x4, LED-Module, 120x120mm, 4000K

5 year warranty, fits all 50x50mm optics
incl. Tax. excl.Light efficiency (lm/W)"
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Technical details

SKU 53071
Brand Lumitronix
Light colour Neutral white
Manufacturer code 53071
Light efficiencLogin,LogiLiLuminouLogin 123 lm/W
Luminous Flux (lm)
Luminous Flux (lm)
The luminous flux (lumen)
describes the total quantity of light provided (independent of the angle of beam).
6,165 lm
ColCustomer Account LoCompare
ColCustomer Account LoCompare
The temperature of color (°K)
shows a color tendency. This value is often used in order to differentiate between cold and warm white LEDs. As higher the color temperature as colder the white.
4,000 K
CRI (Ra) 70
Power consumption 69 W
Voltage (V)
Voltage (V)
The voltage (V)
mentioned can be impressed on the product. If your initial voltage is higher (e.g. Car-voltage or adaptor), then you will need a resistor.
48 V
Current Custo"Customer Account Confirmation"
Current Custo"Customer Account Confirmation"
The typical currency (mA)
is the currency, which creates the highest performance on your product, without damaging it. If the current will be decreased, also the performance of your product decreases. At high current the performance can as well increase, however the life duration decreases or the product will be destroyed. Therefore we do not recommend this.
1,050 mA
LenMultiship"Less filters" 12 cm
Width (cm) 1 cm
Height (cm) 12 cm

Aventrix 4x4, LED-Module, 120x120mm, 4000K

Lumitronix® developed Aventrix LED modules specifically for the needs and demands of modern street lights and tunnel lighting. The LED modules are further excellent for lamp posts and as hall or industrial lights. The powerful Aventrix LED modules are available in a variety of designs with 2x2, 2x8 and 4x4 LEDs in a matrix pattern and offer a variety of options for modular light construction. Equipped with the latest generation high-efficiency LEDs by market leader Nichia it yields completely homogeneous light. The Nichia E21 LEDs used have an efficiency of up to 153lm/W.

Combining it with optics, e.g. by Ledil or Carclo, allows for various typical lighting scenarios for all relevant applications. Top class thermal management based on an aluminium core IMS PCB is the basis for a long application life. Aventrix LED modules are sold with a standard colour temperature of 4000 K but can also be customised upon request.


  • Nichia E21 series LEDs
  • 5 year warranty
  • IMS PCB (aluminium core) for excellent thermal management with 0.9 K/W
  • Built-in ESD and surge arrestor up to 4000 V
  • Fits a variety of optics (all 50x50 mm lenses for 4x LEDs)
  • Luminous flux up to 7785lm
  • Maximum current: 1400 mA
  • Typical efficiency of up to 153lm/W
  • Dimmable
  • Dimensions: 4x4 module: 120mm x 120mm
  • Wago 2060 circuit board clamp for quick and easy connection
  • Operated via constant current source
  • Wide range of applications
  • Ideal for modular light construction


  • Data sheet Aventrix 4x4, LED-Modul, 120x120mm


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